YTH at the Shores

6th-12th Grade
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Wave Nights
Wave Nights

Wave Night is a powerful night of worship for middle and high school students. Join us as we seek God in worship, grow deeper through the teaching of His Word, and find community with Heaven’s friends! We believe the next generation is the now generation, and life change happens at Wave!

Dates: February 4th, April 14th, June 9th, August 11th, October 13th, and December 1st
Time: 6:30-8:30pm. Doors open at 6:15pm

Come join us this June!
Come join us this June!

Contact our youth pastor, Ryder Sabbagh, with any questions.


Our MIssion
Our MIssion

YTH at the Shores is a direct ministry of Church at the Shores. Part of our mission in helping students take their next step with Jesus is helping them love the local church. Students aren’t students forever. Whether a student continues their education or enters the workforce after high school, the choice becomes theirs to continue going to church and Grow Deeper with God or to walk away. In the few years we have with them, we are partnering with parents/guardians to help students build their life on the firm foundation of Jesus. Our hope is that each student will live out Psalm 92 to be planted in the house of the Lord, grow, and flourish from today into old age.

What's Happening at YTH

First Wednesday
First Wednesday

Main Worship Center – Doors open at 6:00

We gather for a family style worship experience on the First Wednesday from February-May and September-December. The First Wednesday experience includes worship, a teaching from God’s Word, and discussions in Table Groups. We have a YTH After Party to follow with and a time for students to connect.

YTH Groups
YTH Groups

YTH Room – Back Porch opens at 6:15

We were made for relationships. Jesus made it clear in Matthew 22 when He said the two greatest commandments are to Love God and Love People. Small Groups help us do this. Most students find it hard to connect in big crowds. Small groups provide a more relational experience for students to Grow Deeper in their faith where they can connect with other students and leaders, build friendships, and strengthen their faith.

YTH Group nights consist of worship, a teaching from God’s Word, and a time of small groups. The small groups are split up between middle and high school students and happen every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. YTH Groups will also meet the first Wednesday of months where First Wednesday gathering doesn’t happen.

3rd Wednesday Hangouts
3rd Wednesday Hangouts

The Church was never meant to be a building, the Church is God’s People! On the 3rd Wednesdays, we take our YTH Groups outside of the church walls. During these hangout nights, we spend time with Jesus and have a lot of fun! Whether we are gathering at someone’s home or on the beach, during these nights we play games, laugh, eat, and engage in a Bible study.

We encourage all students to bring a Bible as we dig into scripture together. Most students hear how important it is to be in God’s Word but have no clue where to begin. These Bible studies allow us to slow down, ask questions, and dig into scripture together. If you would like to host a 3rd Wednesday Hangout, please let us know!

Join the Team!
Join the Team!

We prioritize the safety of our students. Every volunteer leader that serves in YTH at the Shores must complete and pass a background check. We also require that every member of the YTH team call Church at the Shores your home church. We can’t pour out what we don’t have, so it is important every leader is constantly filling their soul with Jesus first then leading and serving others. If you have a heart to see God move in the Next Generation and would like to serve on our team, we would love to connect with you and help you take this next step.

Ways you can make a difference:

Small Group Leaders: Invest in students by guiding small group discussions, praying over them, and encouraging them
Worship Arts Team: Leading worship through instruments, singing, and audio visual
Welcome Team: Bring a welcoming and exciting atmosphere to the team by being one of the first faces families see when they arrive and help connect students with each other

What God Thinks Of You

You are KNOWN.

Our life truly begins when we KNOW GOD. God sent His only Son, Jesus, to save us from the power of sin and to invite us into a relationship with Him.

You are LOVED.

Our Heavenly Father loves us with an agape love- an unconditional, never ending, overpowering love. The kind of love that would lay down His life to save the lost. That lost one is you and me. We can LOVE PEOPLE because He first loved us.

You are CALLED.

God wants to use you. He designed you on purpose for a purpose. You weren’t made to just exist, you were made to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world around you. The gifts, talents, and passions you possess were entrusted to you to steward and use to love others, impact your community, and build the Kingdom of Heaven.


Wherever you are right now, you matter to God. Whether you’re lost, broken, fearful, anxious, thriving, or feel like you’re just surviving the day-to-day, you matter to God. He knows you by name and every single detail about your life… and He still loves you! He loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to leave you the way you are. We invite you to join us at YTH at the Shores to Know God, Love People, Make a Difference, and Grow Deeper with the living God. Everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, and anything is possible! It’s time for you to come home.


We’d love to help you take your next step to get involved. Take a moment to ask a question or express your interest by reaching out to our Student Pastor Ryder Sabbagh at

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!